Jason Momoa Denied Rumors That “Aquaman” Will Be Remade After DC Shake-Up


Jason Momoa seems to have confirmed his future as Aquaman after the reshuffle of James Gunn and Peter Safran at DC Studios.

His “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is due out this December, and, according to Momoa, there is still a lot to come.

In an interview with Deadline , Momoa said: “I love [James] Gunn, and so there will be some really cool things [that] they will do with DC. I will definitely be in more than one.”

“I have the opportunity to play a couple of different [roles],” he added. “I’ve seen other actors do it. Yeah. I want to shoot.”

Speaking about his future in the DC Warner Bros. universe, Momoa said, “We have a special relationship. Warner Bros is home. There are a lot of things we’re going to do there. I wish I could say more. “

“I will always be Aquaman, and there will be a lot of evolution for that. So I’m not going anywhere, and it’s very interesting,” he added.

In a separate interview with Variety, Momoa teased that “there will be a lot of good things.”

“I will always be Aquaman. The rumors are not true. No one comes in there and takes shit.

This happened after Henry Cavill was eliminated from the role of Superman, and numerous projects were canceled or postponed after James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the DC universe last October.

“Wonder Woman 3” has also been delayed in the studio, and Dwayne Johnson confirmed that they have no plans for a sequel to “Black Adam” in DC’s “first chapter.”

However, Zachary Levy denied rumors that the role of Shazam will be remade.

Gunn recently responded to the backlash around some of the decisions, saying that “a certain minority of people online” were “violent and unkind.”

“Our choice for DCU is based on what we think is best for the story and best for DC characters that have been around for almost 85 years,” Gunn wrote. “Maybe it’s a great choice, maybe not, but it’s made with a sincere heart and honesty and always with history in mind.”


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