Jason Momoa admits that he starred in films that really sucked. But he doesn’t seem to regret “Game of Thrones”


Jason Momoa’s tall stature and muscular physique led him to such great films as himself. He made his acting debut at the age of 19 in the TV series “Rescuers of Malibu in Hawaii” for two seasons, and in the cinema he later played the main role in “Conan the Barbarian”. Studying his acting career, the native of Hawaii admitted that he starred in films that really sucked, but his iconic role in Game of Thrones was not one of them.

It can be a real disappointment to optimistically subscribe to a project and then remain dissatisfied with the final result. In an interview with GQ magazine, Jason Momoa talked about projects that he recognized as “lame”, and about a project that he is still proud of. As for the first category, here’s what Momoa said, especially mentioning Conan the Barbarian:

I’ve been a part of a lot of things that really sucked, and movies where it’s not in your hands. Conan [the Barbarian] was one of them. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had, and it’s [been] taken over and turned into a big pile of shit.

It is difficult to understand what Momoa meant when he said that Conan the Barbarian was “captured”. During development, he went through various troubles, including Rush Hour director Brett Ratner, who initially joined the project, but in June 2009 German director Markus Nispel took his place. Momoa wasn’t even selected until January 2010. The remake of “Conan the Barbarian” ultimately failed at the box office due to the fact that it could not exceed its budget of $ 90 million. Critics were also unhappy with the film, as its rating on Rotten Tomatoes is currently 25%. The actor from “Stargate Atlantis” even wrote a script for a potential sequel to “Conan” that he would like in the next movie. However, the disappointment of critics and the box office of the film led to the fact that plans for a sequel failed.

Fortunately, Jason Momoa still shows love for another barbarian he played: the fan-favorite beast Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. If it had been up to the Hawaiian actor, he would have stayed even in the series finale with mixed reviews. As he said:

It would be great to stay on it at any time of the year, but that’s exactly how Drogo had to go.

It seems that the Aquaman actor has come to terms with the fate of his character: he almost died from a battle wound and regained consciousness only to return to a catatonic state and finally be mercifully killed by Daenerys Targaryen by the time the first season ended. The tragedy is staying true to an adapted series of books when your character’s fate has already been decided.

After Momoa’s time in Game of Thrones ended, it was difficult for him to find a job. Since most of his lines in the popular HBO series were Dothraki, Hollywood producers thought he didn’t speak English. Because he was known for playing a brutal warrior, people didn’t know which films to put him in. Fortunately, “Game of Thrones” helped this Polynesian actor get the lead role of Aquaman, as director Zack Snyder was a big fan of the HBO series. This gave Momoa the opportunity to play the hero, not the villain, as he initially thought he would be played.

Although Jason Momoa has the skills to play these macho characters, he told GQ about wanting to move on to something new. For example, he said that he spends time in his life joining the “family” in the tenth Fast and Furious movie, where he is a “peacock of the highest level” with his toenails painted purple. He plans to star in the upcoming AppleTV+ Chief of War series about the unification and colonization of Hawaii in the style of “Braveheart”. Another upcoming film by Jason Momoa will be “Dreamland”, based on the comic book “Little Nemo in the Land of Dreams”.

While the 43-year-old actor continues to look for a more diverse choice of roles, his strong performance in “Game of Thrones” will forever remain in the hearts of many fans.


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