The singer has occupied the covers of all media and social media publications after publishing one of the hottest photos of the year. Jason Derulo posed half-naked with underwear and showed what many have called “his prominent bulge.”

As expected, the reactions soon flooded the publication. Among the most prominent comments are those of: “What kind of animal do you hide in your panties?” or “Honestly, I just got pregnant after seeing this picture.”

To the bad luck of his followers, Instagram ended up deleting the photo. Days later, Jason wanted to pronounce himself after his imminent success in social networks. “I knew it was a thirst trap photo, but when I published it I didn’t think it would become the one I like the most in hours,” Derulo explains to Entertainment Tonight. We must remember that thirst trap refers to all images that are published with the intention of admiring your physique.

“I didn’t think Instagram would eliminate her. I didn’t think it was going to cause me like this thirst. Come on. When I posted it in the morning I thought ‘Oh yes, maybe this girls like it,’ do you know what I say? Like, ‘ Yes, it’s a good photo, ‘but I didn’t think of anything about’ This is going to be crazy. ‘Not even from a distance,’ he adds. Anyway, it has become one of the most media photos of his career.

Memes were also born from her, and he dared to share one in which he replaced his bulk with a sandwich. “It’s funny,” he says in reference to his edited photo.

There is no doubt that the Talk Dirty interpreter has proposed to say goodbye to the year in style. And it has not gone completely wrong, because very few now ignore its more natural side. Jason Derulo lifts passions!


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