Jason Cameron from “Winter Home” tells how he feels about Lindsay Hubbard, and calls her “strong” for sharing the loss of pregnancy


Nothing but love. Jason Cameron has opened up about his relationship with Lindsay Hubbard after they broke up following the Bravo star’s miscarriage in the summer of 2021.

Cameron met Hubbard, who is also 35 years old, during the filming of the first season of “Winter House” in February 2021. The duo almost immediately struck up a romantic relationship, and they continued dating after the show ended.

During the January episode of the 6th season of “Summer House”, filmed in early July 2021, Hubbard confirmed that she had a miscarriage earlier that year when she was dating Cameron. The Hubb House PR founder confided in his longtime friend (and now boyfriend) Karl Radke, telling him that Cameron was “absolutely wonderful” when she told him what had happened.

Cameron revealed his true feelings about Hubbard publicizing her miscarriage, telling us he was impressed with her approach.

“This is a strong woman who can share such information,” he said on Wednesday. “I respect that and definitely want to be there to support her, and anyway she wanted to share it with the world.”

Hubbard, for her part, noted that she wanted to “go through it [herself] on her own,” later realizing that she “absolutely would have had this baby” if there hadn’t been pregnancy issues. Hubbard later met with a fertility doctor to better assess her body and find out if she should have her eggs frozen sooner or later. (She celebrated her egg count during her crazy birthday on the series.)

Although the relationship between Cameron and Hubbard faded in the summer of 2021—it wasn’t exceptional when the publicist headed to the Hamptons with her friends—they remained on good terms.

“We will always have a story if you like, so at the same time I respect her and everything where she goes or goes,” Cameron told Us on Wednesday.

After their breakup, Hubbard moved on to 37-year-old Radka after she spent the “Hot Summer of Hubbs” in the 6th season of the series “Bravo”. Loverboy’s VP of sales exclusively confirmed to Us in January that he and Hubbard were dating after sparking rumors a few months ago.

“I love Carl too, so it’s a great little community that we all have at Bravo,” Cameron said when asked about Hubbard’s new man.

When it comes to whether Cameron can see Hubbard marry Radka, he told Us, “I see their chemistry, and if it works out, I wish them all the best. I can see it [happening].”

Cameron was reserved about whether fans would see him in the second season of “Winter House” with Hubbard and Radke, but hinted that his friendship with the actors is still strong.

“We’re all pretty close. Everything is pretty friendly,” he added. “[We] keep in touch when everyone is in town, or catch up when we are in each other’s town.”