Jason Bloom Asks Fans to Give Five Nights At Freddy’s a “Rest for 2 Seconds”

Jason Blum, the man behind the horror film production company Blumhouse, has achieved solid success — from the release of Jordan Peele’s film “Away and We” to many franchises such as “Judgment Night”, “Paranormal Phenomenon” and “Astral”. saw another hit with Ethan Hawke starring Black Phone, based on a story by Joe Hill. So when he says to give something like Five Nights At Freddy’s a break, maybe listen to this guy. Especially when he does it with a picture from Astral 5.
This franchise, the second game by James Wan and Lee Wannell after their endless Saw series (and before Wang moved on to another mega-horror franchise with his “The Spell” films), was an unpleasant little story of obsession, but of a completely different kind than usually seen — this one came from a demonic a country parallel to this one, filled with all sorts of unpleasant ghosts and demons who want to capture people if they dare to leave their bodies in a dream.
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Fans can just hold their horses in their desire to see “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” says the producer, hugging his buddy, the main character (and for the first time director) of the latest chapter of the Astral franchise, Patrick Wilson. Wilson returns as Josh Lambert (with Rose Byrne again as his wife Renai, and Ty Simpkins returning as Dalton, their son).
The movie “Five Nights with Freddy”, based on the popular game released on Steam back in 2014, and having many sequels to date, makes fans demand every piece of knowledge they can glean from the series, from deciding which monster is better Analyzing the history of games created by fans of the idea, means that they’ve been demanding every news item about a movie that’s been in something close to development hell since 2015, just a year after the original game was released for such acclaim. This film has pushed Blum into the background, promoting one of the many other works he plans to release in the next few years.
However, Blum asks fans not to let it get in the way of seeing the original Dalton family (now in almost as bad shape as the Frelings from Poltergeist) return to be haunted by ghosts and ghouls from a Distant world. another insidious movie. Meanwhile, fans craving animatronic chaos involving children can play Nick Cage’s madhouse, Willy’s Wonderland, which uses a similar premise and adds Nicolas Cage in all his Nicolas Cage glory. That should be enough until “Five Nights with Freddie” drops at the box office.


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