Jared Padalecki, preview of the CW Walker new series


In a short promo video, Jared Padalecki acknowledges his time on Supernatural by saying:

“This January, I will move from the Winchester family to the Walker family.”

He then asks his fans who have seen him as Sam Winchester for the past 15 years to follow him to his new show as he dons the boots of a certain Texas Ranger.

Created by Anna Fricke, Walker is a reimagining of the long-running series Walker, Texas Ranger. Padalecki will play Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two who plays by his own rules.

He returns home to Austin after going undercover for two years, only to find that there is harder work to be done on his own turf. Walker tries to reconnect with his son and daughter, while forming an unlikely partnership. Meanwhile, he becomes increasingly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.


Walker also stars Padalecki’s real-life wife, Genevieve Padalecki, as Emily (Walker’s late wife), Keegan Allen as Liam Walker, Lindsey Morgan as Micki, Mitch Pileggi as Bonham Walker, and Alex Landi as Bret (the Liam’s fiancé).

Walker will premiere on The CW on January 21, 2021, while the Supernatural season 15 finale aired Thursday on The CW in the US.

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