Jared Padalecki in the U.S., How did you hear not to play a role with Urga in “Sverheestest”


Although it’s hard to see anyone other than him in this role 15 years later, Jared Padalecki almost lost his role as Sam Winchester in Supernatural. Before he landed the lead role in the long-running CW series, Padalecki became famous for his role as Dean in The Gilmore Girls series, as well as in a number of films made for television. Padalecki also made a name for himself in the horror genre with “House of Wax Figures” and “Cry of the Wolf,” which appeared shortly before he landed a role in “Supernatural.”

Jensen Ackles and Padalecki lead the cast Supernatural in the role of Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers who travel around the United States in search of their missing father and track down many paranormal threats, including monsters, demons and angels. Created by Eric Kripke, the series received mostly positive reviews for 15 seasons and became a pop culture phenomenon, namely, it became the longest-running CW show. Although Ackles and Padalecki received rave reviews for their roles as Sam and Dean, neither of them had much involvement in A supernatural adventure.

Appearing on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast “Inside You,” Jared Padalecki recalls how he almost lost the role of Sam in “Supernatural.” The actor/executive producer explained that he failed to impress creator Eric Kripke during his initial audition after he approached the audition the same way he did for a number of other roles and his manager saved him at the last minute. See what Padalecki shared below:

“So, this is really funny. So, I’m sure you remember these days, but for those who listen, in the early 2000s, if you auditioned, if you looked like Michael Rosenbaum or Jared Padalecki when you auditioned, it was very much like they wanted you to be brooding, brooding, something like “Uh, I’m brooding, I’m brooding.” Ugh, I’m James Dean,” because it worked the day you auditioned.

And the criticism or response would come back to my manager, who I was talking about earlier, and it was something like, “Well, Kripke is looking for intelligence, like David Duchovny.” we think Jared is dumb.” So my manager had to call and say, “Hey, listen, he missed one math question on his SAT, he’s a national merit scientist, he’s a debate champion. It’s like he’s…” [He said] “OK, give him this note and let him come back.”

Interestingly, Padalecki wasn’t Sam’s first choice during the development of Supernatural, as executive producer David Nutter initially wanted Ackles to audition for the role, although the star found herself more interested in the role of Dean. Since Dean has already established himself as a brooding character, it is clear that Padalecki will read for Sam in the same spirit, treating his audition. As viewers will see and fall in love with him throughout the run of Supernatural, Sam will indeed be the more intelligent of the Winchester brothers, even though he went to college before Dean took him away to help them find their father.

Fortunately for both fans and the actor, Padalecki got the role of Sam in Supernatural and helped him advance to fame. Not only will he meet his future wife in the series, Padalecki will also form a successful partnership with The CW, which will lead to the reboot of his Walker, in which he plays the lead role and is an executive producer, and received the green light for both season 3 and the spin-off prequel. Viewers can go back to when Padalecki was Sam Winchester, thanks to the full stream of “Supernatural” on Netflix.