Jared Padalecki Didn’t Know About Supernatural Spin-Off: ‘dİsappointed’


Jared Padalecki: Last Thursday (25), the Deadline portal announced that The CW should produce The Winchesters, a spin-off from the Supernatural series, which ended in November last year. The news was shared by actor Jensen Ackles, who played the character Dean and who should return to the plot as a narrator. In addition to being part of the cast, the actor is also producing the series alongside his wife Danneel Ackles, who guest-starred in some episodes of the original plot.

The news came as a surprise not only to fans, who weren’t expecting the news, but also to actor Jared Padalecki, who played Dean’s brother Sam. The two shared the post of protagonists of the series and, in addition, were known to have a “bromance” in real life.

On Twitter, Padalecki said he was happy for his friend, but disappointed that he learned of the news through social networks. “I would have liked to hear about it in a way other than Twitter. I’m excited to watch, but upset that Sam Winchester didn’t have any involvement.”

With the tweet, fans questioned Ackles’ attitude. “It HAS to be a bad joke,” said one user. “No. It is not. It’s the first time I’ve heard about the spin-off. I’m disappointed,” replied Padalecki.

In a third message, the actor quoted Robbie Thompson, who is expected to script the new production. “Et tu brute? [expression “even tu, Brutus?”] Wow. What a horrible thing you did. #Bravo, you coward.” The tweet was deleted shortly thereafter.

Currently, Jared Padalecki is on the Walker series and Jensen Ackles is expected to debut as Soldier Boy in The Boys. The spin-off The Winchesters has no release date yet.


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