Jared Leto to shoot new scenes as Joker in Snyder Cut


The new version of director Zack Snyder of the Justice League continues to grow with the confirmation of the return to the filming of several actors and actresses.

The Oscar-winning actor and singer Jared Leto will return in his role as Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the new version that its original director is preparing for its premiere on HBO Max in 2021. This has been announced exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, confirming that Leto will resume his controversial portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime seen in Suicide Squad alongside other actors and actresses from the original cast. In addition, the presence in the filming of actress Amber Heard, Mera in Aquaman is also confirmed.

The most controversial Joker returns

Thus, Jared Leto will once again get into the skin of the Joker from the original Suicide Squad film by David Ayer, a film in which he debuted and in which he did not have much prominence, also causing a great stir among fans for a version of so mythical DC villain somewhat peculiar. Be that as it may, said Joker will return to the DC Universe at the hand of Zack Snyder for his Justice League cut in a series of reshoots or new scenes with other members of the original cast, such as Ben Affleck (Batman) or Ray Fisher (Cyborg) . In addition, the presence of Amber Heard is also confirmed, again as Mera.

At the moment the role that Jared Leto will play in Zack Snyder’s cut is unknown, although the theories of fans have already begun to flood social networks, pointing in all kinds of directions: from flashbacks related to Batman (such as the punch that toothless or robin’s murder) to alternate realities related to the nightmare of Bruce Wayne and the evil Superman. There is even a link to the possible Suicide Squad Ayer Cut.

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On the other hand, the same news points out that Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, former producers who are no longer related to the project, will no longer be credited in the Snyder Cut, ruling out the battle between actor Ray Fisher with Johns and Warner Bros. itself for the controversy of the original production at the hands of Josh Wedon.

The next thing about Jared Leto in superhero cinema is his portrayal of Morbius in Sony Pictures’ Spiderverse with Marvel and that his delay to 2021 due to the global coronavirus pandemic was confirmed long ago.


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