Jared Leto Says Movie Theaters Today Can’t Exist Without Marvel


Thanks to Marvel, fans are getting more superhero movies than ever. Moreover, studios are now trying to replicate the same formula as Marvel Studios by creating their own universes, such as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Because of this, cinemas are getting more and more customers, and actors such as the star of “Morbius” Jared Leto are getting more work in the genre of superhero films.

While some criticize superhero films, for example, in the Spider-Man universe, for destroying cinema, Leto has a different view on this issue. Leto, who will star in the upcoming vampire and superhero film Morbius, praised Marvel for the impact they have had on the current cinematic landscape, especially for what they have done for cinemas around the world.

“If it wasn’t for Marvel movies, I don’t even know if theaters would exist,” Leto said in an interview with Variety. “There doesn’t seem to be room for everyone, and it’s starting to break my heart a little bit.” Leto also voiced how excited he is to be playing the main character Morbius, seeing how even though there have been many superhero reboots, his portrayal of the character will be his first real-time film adaptation. “I loved that this character would appear on screen for the first time… I’ve always been interested in transformation, and it was a way to explore this territory in a big Marvel movie. It was impossible to say no.

This will be Leto’s second appearance in superhero media, as he played the iconic DC villain the Joker in both “Suicide Squad” and Zack Snyder’s “Justice League.” Leto has received a lot of anger both for his antics behind the scenes and for his rather strange portrayal of the Clown Prince of the underworld in Suicide Squad, but enough time has passed that perhaps fans have now reached the point where they can firmly figure it all out. the past. Leto has a proven track record as an actor, so the way he plays a rather obscure Marvel character may actually atone for what happened in 2016.

Playing Morbius may be a more unique opportunity than people think. Yes, he gets publicity because it’s Marvel property, but Morbius is also, in fact, a vampire, which means there could potentially be a lot more material to explore here. Considering that the last time Hollywood filmed a popular vampire film franchise, it was not in the least well received by critics, a film like Morbius could be a step forward compared to what viewers have seen in the past in the genre of vampire films.

While this could theoretically be a new take on the superhero genre, fans should warn themselves that Sony is doing it. Sony doesn’t have the best track record with the Spider-Man characters they’ve shot. Even though they’ve made critically acclaimed films like Spider-Man: Across the Universes and Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home, they’ve also had smelly films like The New Spider-Man 2 and Venom. Until they prove they know what they’re doing with this universe they’re launching, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high.