Jared Haibon is fighting COVID-19, staying “away” from his 2-month-old son Dawson and Ashley Iaconetti


Social distancing from the son. Jared Haibon is staying away from his two-month-old baby Dawson and Ashley Iaconetti while fighting the coronavirus.

When an Instagram user asked 34-year-old Iaconetti on Thursday, April 14, if she and the 33-year-old Rhode Island native were “worried” that the baby had contracted COVID-19 from Haibon, she replied: “A little.”

The Virginia native noted in an Instagram Story video that her husband suffers from “mild cold symptoms,” adding: “We keep them very far apart and… he doesn’t feel much. He feels a slight runny nose. He wears a mask when we’re in the same room.”

The undergraduate graduate, who carried her little boy on her chest in a social media upload, continued that she drew a Haibong bath with “fancy” salts.

The Bachelor Nation members welcomed their baby in January, six months after sharing the news of their pregnancy.

“Baby Dawson is here and healthy!” the new dad then told his Instagram followers. “Ashley is recovering and feeling well! It really couldn’t have been much smoother. He’s so cute and handsome and sleeps all day. Unlike his mom and dad, who are not sleeping right now, but it’s worth it!”

“I wasn’t overwhelmed by this feeling of unconditional love for my son [when he arrived],” Haibong explained in February. “At that moment I felt like a very angry person, because all I was told was: “As soon as this baby is born, you will feel it.”

The former bartender noted that he felt “so guilty” and worried about being a “psychopath,” adding, “I want to tell people [not] to have that expectation because you’re going to feel like a terrible person for the first couple.” watch. And that’s not what you want to feel.”

Iaconetti chimed in: “To be honest, [we] started to feel this affection after a few hours.”

The co-host of the podcast “Almost Famous” told us that she struggled with guilt for deciding not to breastfeed Dawson. “I’m worried about crazy people,” she explained at the time. “People are so cocky about it.”

Haibon told his wife not to feel “ashamed,” reminding Iaconetti that their little boy was “thriving and doing very well, and that’s all that matters.”