Japanese YouTuber’s Transa Shocking an Blade ’Videos


A Japanese YouTuber shows you how to make knives of all kinds of materials on his channel. YouTuber, Kiwami, recently posted a video of mushroom knife construction on his channel. Videos of famous YouTuber making knives made of interesting materials can put you in a trance.

YouTuber, Kiwami, is one of the trendsetter on YouTube with his videos where he makes knives of all kinds of materials. Kiwami knocks people out of anything you don’t think can be a knife. Until now, Kiwami has been able to make knives from jelly, rice, even pasta.

The Japanese YouTuber’s channel, which makes knives from strange materials, has 2.7 million subscribers. Kiwami doesn’t tell what he’s doing in the knife making process or use subtitles in his videos. The process of making knives is completely shown in the video.

With 2.7 million followers, Kiwami recently posted a video of a mushroom knife. Kiwami’s mushroom knife is a multi-step process that takes months. YouTuber shows the whole process in the video. At the end of the video with a knife made of mushrooms, things like paper, tomatoes and cucumbers are cut successfully.

YouTuber with Kiwami is very successful in making knives. As mentioned above, Kiwami can make a professional kitchen knife by processing a knife that it buys very cheaply from the market.


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