Japanese Youtuber Buys $10K Xbox Series X From Gucci


Youtuber: The luxury edition of the Italian brand Gucci for the Xbox Series X has started to be sold and one of the buyers has already made a video to show the purchased item.

This is Hikaru Kaihatsu, the Hikakin, who is one of the most popular youtubers in Japan and recently reached the mark of 10 million followers on one of his many channels.

Check out:

In the unboxing of just over 17 minutes, Hikakin shows off the console’s custom box, which is actually a suitcase.

In addition, it shows in detail the custom controller by Gucci and the Xbox itself, which has a custom texture on the front. The paper used to pack the components is also special, but the cables are the same as the traditional console.

In the video, in addition to taking the console out of the box and installing it, YouTuber plays some Fortnite, Minecraft and Apex Legends, praising the quality of the device — he said he never bought an Xbox before, but now he’s going to leave the device and collector’s item on display in the living room.

It is worth remembering that Microsoft sees Japan as a high potential market, despite having little presence in the country in recent years.