Japanese millionaire seeks 8 friend for trip to the Moon


Japanese millionaire Yusaku Maezawa is offering eight vacancies to people from any part of the planet who wish to take a space tourism trip to the Moon in 2023. To participate, candidates need to be willing to “push the limits of creativity” and present their applications until March 14th.

The millionaire’s first plan involved finding a girlfriend for the trip, with the contest specifically targeting single women over 20. Upon receiving more than 30,000 applications, the plan changed, and the millionaire said he would invite six artists. Last Wednesday, however, Maezawa announced that he will expand the process to anyone in the world, as “everyone who does something creative can be called an artist.”

According to Maezawa, the selection process will include more stages, a mission and an online meeting. Final medical examinations and interviews are due in late 2021.

Maezawa has been involved with the fashion world and art collector since 1998. He founded the company Zozotown, one of the largest clothing marketplaces in Japan. SpaceX.


SpaceX is still testing the project, as two Starship prototypes have crashed in recent tests. Elon Musk, the startup’s CEO, said in a video posted by Maezawa on his website that he is very confident of reaching orbit with the Starship before 2023 and that security will be enough to get more people along.

If all goes well, the Inspiration4 mission should be the first that will take crew members since the American Apollo, in 1972.


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