Japanese Giant LINE LINK Distributes Token


The famous Japan-based messaging app will reward LINE users with LINK tokens. According to the published news, 10 thousand users who fulfill the conditions will meet with the award.

The leading Japanese messaging application LINE has announced that it will distribute LINK tokens to users who open accounts in other applications it launches. 10 thousand people who connect their accounts to the digital payment platform LINE Pay, LINE Securities for personal investments and LINE Score platforms for credit assessment will be eligible to win LINK.

As reported by Coindesk Japan, this award and marketing program organized by LINE started on September 18th. Users will be given LINK coins through the LINK credit card given to LINE Pay members. LINE Securities users will also earn LINK tokens after opening an account on the app and filling out the questionnaire.

People’s Participation in the Cryptocurrency World Will Be Supported

According to the statement made by LINE, the messaging giant of Japan, users who win LINK will be able to cash out their prizes. For this, users need to open an account on the crypto money platform Bitmax, also launched by LINE. Thanks to Bitmax, users will be able to easily cash their money or make transactions on the platform with LINK.

LINE plans to bring more people to cryptocurrencies and encourage them to trade in the cryptocurrency market with this reward program. LINE also aims to support blockchain initiatives it continues with the help of its award program. LINE started working on developing decentralized applications (dApps) on its own blockchain network in 2018. Last August, it launched a development platform for digital wallet and decentralized application developers.


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