Japanese company to give release on Monster Hunter Rise


There is no doubt that Japan is cracked in Monter Hunter, and as a result several people there are anxiously awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Rise. Proof of this is that Mark-On Ltd, a Japanese company, will give free time to all its employees next Friday (26), when the title will make its debut.

The discovery was made by a Twitter user known as Stealth, and according to him several employees were already agreeing to take the day off while others would obviously work with their minds at home, which would affect productivity. As a result, Masaki Hiyama, a company executive, decided to make this decision.

It is worth mentioning that the producers themselves already think about this when they are going to schedule the launch of their games. An example of this is Square Enix, which started scheduling the Dragon Quest franchise launches for Saturdays, avoiding absences at work and even at school.