Japanese Company Demonstrates New Flying Motorcycle For Racing


Flying Motorcycle: A Japanese company called A.L.I. Technologies held, last week, the first public demonstration of XTurismo. It is a hoverbike, that is, a kind of “flying motorcycle” that has the appearance of a drone, but is piloted by a human mounted on the vehicle.

The hoverbike was displayed on a race track in Oyama, a small town north of Tokyo. With less than five minutes, the clip recorded from the stands shows the successful test, with the driver making simple movements, without accelerating or climbing too high with the vehicle.

According to the company, the hoverbike has been in development since 2017 and can reach 100 km/h, with up to 40 minutes of battery life. The vehicle can reach a height of two meters in just three seconds.

Weighing around 300 kg, the XTurismo has a combustion engine and six propellers that make the vehicle look like a large drone.

The model will not be marketed for everyday use, as a means of transport: regulatory laws do not yet exist for this type of vehicle and, for now, it will be restricted for use in racing. About 200 units are expected to be sold in 2022 for US$ 680 thousand — about R$ 3.8 million in direct currency conversion.