Japanese arrested for stealing Pokémon cards


According to information released on the Japanese website Mainichi (via Kotaku), Kensuke Nakanishi was arrested by Tokyo police after trying to break into a store in a six-story building with a rope to steal letters from Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh !.

Reports say that this happened during the early hours of the morning for the past week, and he used a tool to break the window. However, he ended up having his movements captured by a security camera installed at the scene, and she was responsible for taking the police there to make the arrest.

Finally, he claimed that he was not afraid to climb the height with just one rope because he was part of the climbing team when he was in high school, and ended up stealing 80 cards (worth approximately $ 9,120) and another $ 2,370 in cash – resulting in a total of about R $ 76 thousand – to pay a debt.


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