Japanese arrested for selling hacked Pokémon in Sword


A 23-year-old Japanese man who did not have his name revealed was arrested by the Aichi police after selling a hacked Pokémon, which violates a law that prevents acts of unequal competition in Japan. The information is from the Asahi News website (via Kotaku).

In April last year, the accused, who was unemployed and confessed to having made the changes, hacked the Sobble pokemon into Pokémon Sword / Shield using a computer and sold it to a Kyoto inhabitant for 4,400 yen (no fees or taxes on a direct conversion) , about R $ 225). In fact, this was not the only time, since he apparently made a profit of 1.1 million yen (almost R $ 56,000) from the sale of altered creatures in 2020.

Pokémon Sword / Shield is an exclusive game for Switch.


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