Japan found the way to build a city on the Moon!


In the coming years, some countries, including Japan, are planning to cope with the exploration of the Moon. In this context, it raises questions about the possibility of establishing a settlement there for long-term residence. Japan found the way to build a city on the moon

It will take time to build a city on the moon

Researchers took part in scientific studies in which materials about tunnels formed after the eruption of volcanoes on the surface of the Moon. They will provide reliable protection against radiation and meteorites.

“According to recent observations, it turned out that the level of radiation on the Moon surface is higher than the ISS, and I think this poses a problem not only for humans but also for equipment. It interferes with long-term human activities and in some cases makes it impossible. ”

Satoshi Kodaira, scientist at the Japanese Radiological Research Institute

According to Satoshi Kodaira, radiation is pressing from all sides in the open field, and this can be called even more dangerous, as in the Gateway project.

According to research by the Japanese space agency JAXA, lava tunnels are tunnels that usually run almost vertically. Their width can reach at least 100 m and depths up to 50 km.

At the same time, while space radiation and meteorites pose a great danger to people on the moon’s surface, placing them in lava channels provides protection from them. In addition, the temperature in volcanic tunnels practically does not change.

As recently reported by the Kyodo agency with reference to JAXA, Japan plans to build a fuel production facility on the Moon by 2035. Its main purpose is to use it for large-scale exploration of the Earth’s satellite. In order to reduce the cost of transporting fuel in the south pole of the Moon, where ice deposits are expected to be found, by about 2035, the Japanese want to build a facility where the water obtained from here will be divided into oxygen and hydrogen to produce fuel.


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