Jang Gyuri Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Former Vocalist fromis_9?


Jang Gyuri is a former member of fromis_9 and a popular actress. Fans are wondering what she’s doing these days, including how rich she is. Do you want to know more? Read on to find out more!

Chan Gyuri Net Worth 2022: How rich is the former vocalist fromis_9?

Jang Gyuri from Seoul, South Korea, is a famous singer, idol, actress and online personality. As a former member of the popular female K-pop group fromis_9, she is easily recognized by fans in Korea and abroad.

In July 2022, Gyuri found herself in the spotlight after leaving fromis_9 on the 31st. It was announced that she decided not to renew her contract with PLEDIS Entertainment and decided to explore more opportunities in her career.

Gyuri stated that she wants to reveal more of her talents, in addition to being a singer and idol. This led to the fact that she plunged into the acting industry, which, nevertheless, the fans were waiting for.

The former fromis_9 member lives in a local luxury apartment, which is located in her hometown. Gyuri also has a nice apartment and an expensive car.

As for her sources of income, she is paid for playing, singing, reality shows, live performances, advertising, etc.

It is expected that its net worth will be about 2-3 million US dollars.

Jang Gyuri’s professional and personal life: dramas, idol career and much more
With such a huge net worth like hers, Gyuri really works hard to earn her income! As for her acting profession, she debuted in 2019 in a web drama called “Dating Class”.

After that, Gyuri became known for her role in the popular drama “It’s Okay if you’re not okay,” where she played the role of Son Belle in 2020.

In addition to her role in the famous drama, she also played supporting roles in such shows as We See Winter, Cheer Up, Ms. Perfect and many others!

Gyuri’s mother works as a music teacher, so at an early age she developed a passionate aptitude for music. She also participated in the survival reality show “Idol School” in 2017, where she took 9th place and got the right to join fromis_9.

Together with her bandmates, she has released many albums as well as singles. In addition, Gyuri also participated in the reality show “Produce 48”.

Her appearance in “Produce 48” attracted the attention of netizens, as she participated despite being a member of fromis_9.

With confidence on her side, Gyuri explained how lucky she was to make her debut without a training period.

She admitted her flaws after their debut, which made her look for opportunities to get better. One of these possibilities was “Produce 48“.

Jang Gyuri is popular not only because of her status in the acting industry and the history of idols, but also because of her commitment to self-improvement.


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