Janelle Percina’s Big Brother talks about the 24th season and why no season can be as intense as in previous years


Janelle Pierzina is a Big Brother legend, and as everyone who has seen her play knows, she is not shy about sharing her opinion. In fact, Twitter users saw how she felt about Daniel Durston from season 24 when he left Taylor Hale, but what does she think about the season as a whole? Janelle kindly shared with CinemaBlend her thoughts on why no modern season can be as stressful as the first years.

I spoke with Janelle Pierzina before her last appearance on the reality show Snake in the Grass in the USA, which premieres on Monday, August 29. what’s the matter:

As for this season, I’d say it’s one of the best modern Big Brother seasons I’ve ever seen, because it’s not like a flock of sheep following one person and then just completely voting for the house. A unanimous vote to quit the game and an almost complete lack of strategy. I think there’s a lot of strategy in this game right now.

Anyone who watched Janelle in season 22 should know that she’s not about one-sided cool seasons. This season, “Left Behind” managed to flip the script by kicking out Amira Jones and Nicole (who both faced a negative fan reaction to Taylor’s abuse), and it looks like even “Left Behind” won’t last long because of the upcoming split at home and the ongoing drama. In short, the votes are not unanimous, and as Janelle said, there are many strategies.

Janelle is a fan of season 24 to the point that she compared it to another recent and popular season of Big Brother. Janelle fell a little in love with former housemate Tyler Crispin and the cast of Season 20 (although he actually kicked her out of All-Stars 2), talking about the latest episodes:

It’s so interesting to watch. I would say that it coincides with the fact that I love season 20, because I love, love, love combat alliances. I like to root for outsiders. So I’ve always supported this terrible alliance, hive? They were so bad. I loved watching Bailey try to figure it out. I’m always rooting for outsiders.

The 24th season of “Big Brother” ticks the boxes in an entertaining modern season for Janelle. I was wondering if the drama could be compared to some of its earlier appearances and if the 24th season matches some of the earlier years of the game.

Some people may compare the 24th season of “Big Brother” with the previous season of the game, but Janelle Pierzina is not one of those people. Janelle explained that she doesn’t believe we’ll ever get another season like in the old days, and it’s more or the result of a time change than the game itself.:

I don’t think we’ll ever get a classic O.G. players where you shout in someone’s face because of the environment the country is in. People get canceled, and they’re just like that: “Oh my God. I don’t want to ruin my life.” Like, why do you need this? And the intention of some people to go on a reality show these days is different from what it was in 2005. When there were no social networks and you just talked: “I want to win Big Brother,” so the people they meet are different.

Janelle believes that social media and cancellation culture have definitely made navigating Big Brother more difficult, and as a result, guests aren’t as extreme these days. On the positive side, the guests are no longer as belligerent as they once were, although some of them have been embroiled in disputes. (a great example is season 21 winner Jackson Michie.)

Janelle Pierzina will not appear in “Big Brother” in the near future, but fans will be able to see her, the winner of the 13th season Rachel Reilly (who wants to return to the game) and frequent participants of “Survivors” Siri Fields and Stephanie Kendrick in the series “Snake in the USA”. Grass. There are four participants in the series, all fighting for prizes, but there is a traitor among them. Players must try to complete tasks to try to uncover the snake’s identity, or lose and walk away with nothing while the snake gets 100 thousand dollars.

If three identify the snake, they share the money, and the other leaves with nothing. Obviously, the game is getting more intense with the Big Brother and Survivor alumni involved, so fans won’t want to miss it. Watch Janelle and others on Snake in the Grass on Monday, August 29, at 23:00. ET in the USA. Of course, anyone with a Paramount+ subscription can revisit these iconic Survivor or Big Brother players, so maybe do it while waiting for this exciting new episode.


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