Jane Foster from “The Avengers” criticized for a simple clone of Thor


Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, was recently added to Marvel’s Avengers, but fans rejected the new game hero, calling him a simple clone of the original Thor. The Goddess of Thunder has become a popular part of the Marvel comics pantheon since her first appearance in 2014. Today, June 28, Marvel’s Jane Foster Thor was added to the Avengers, but fans have already expressed disappointment about the formidable new Avenger.

Since its launch in 2020, developer Crystal Dynamics has been constantly updating Marvel’s Avengers and its list of Earth’s most powerful heroes. During the first year, the game introduced Kate Bishop, Hawkeye and Black Panther as brand new characters, as well as new storylines and locations. While Kate Bishop and Clint Barton share the same skill sets and Hawkeye title, Marvel’s Avengers distinguished both heroes by giving them different movement mechanics, arrow types, and skill trees. However, Jane Foster’s announcement made fans worry that the heroine would turn out to be a simple ruskin of the original Tor Odinson. While the Marvel Avengers costumes for Jane Foster Thor help her stand out among men, their abilities may be too similar for many players.

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After the recent arrival of Jane Foster, many Marvel’s Avengers players are disappointed that her abilities and animation are almost identical to the original Thor. Reddit user Themainman suggests that Jane’s possession of her own unique movements and animations should not be an unrealistic expectation, given that she is the first new hero of the game in recent months. Spideyforpresident agrees, decrying how Jane Foster’s battle pass progress simply reuses takedown animations and emotions from the original Thor. Meanwhile, Littlepirate02 criticizes Jane Foster’s new internal ability that forces players to alternate melee and ranged attacks. The opinion of these three Reddit users was supported by the Marvel’s Avengers community as a whole.

Today, when Jane Foster was added to the game, a new battle with the boss MODOK in Marvel’s Avengers should be the next part of the new content of the game. While the bizarre supervillain serves as the main antagonist of the single-player campaign, the MODOK is never encountered in the multiplayer mode of the superhero simulator. Crystal Dynamics is going to fix this absence by adding a new war zone and an Omega-level threat that focus on fighting the villain and his ferocious forehead. The new threat of the Omega level will be Cloning Labs, the long-awaited, but repeatedly postponed raid of the final stage of the game.

Crystal Dynamics seems to be still committed to supporting Marvel’s Avengers, but the title’s new hero seems to be another disappointment. The mighty Jane Foster Thor is obviously similar to the original Thor in both strength and weaponry, but it seems that most of her skill set is identical to her male counterpart. Fans expected Jane Foster to be the first new hero of the game in a few months, and she would be much stronger and more unique.