Jane Fonda Says She’s “Worried” About Sidney Sweeney’s Barbarella Remake


Jane Fonda is “worried” about what will be the remake of “Barbarella” starring Sidney Sweeney.

The Hollywood icon became a global sex symbol after starring in the cult 1968 sci-fi film. The film, directed by Oscar-winning Dino De Laurentiis, secured Fonda a leading role in the cinema of the sixties.

The film is now due to be relaunched by Sony Pictures, with Sweeney joining Fonda in the lead role. The Hollywood Reporter recently asked Fonda what she thought of the remake, to which she replied: “I try not to [think about it].”

Explaining why she’s trying to put the film out of her mind, Fonda explained, “Because I’m worried about what it’s going to be like.”

She added: “I had an idea how to do it, which [original producer] Dino De Laurentiis, when he was still alive, didn’t want to listen to. But it could be a really feminist film.”

The new “Barbarella” has become Sweeney’s latest project for Sony Pictures, where the actress is to play alongside Dakota Johnson in the studio adaptation of “Madame Web” from Marvel. She will also play in “Registration”, an adaptation of the Madison Lawson thriller, the rights to which were also acquired by Sony.

Adapted from a comic book series by French writer and illustrator Jean-Claude Forest, the original 1968 Barbarella was directed by Roger Vadim with Fonda in the title role. Although the film did not become a box office hit at the time, it became a cult and is considered one of Fonda’s most iconic roles.

Sweeney rose to fame after her famous performances in the HBO show “White Lotus” and “Euphoria”. This year she was nominated for an Emmy Award for her roles in both series.

Currently, Barbarella has no release date, and no one is tied to her in the director’s chair.


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