Jana Kramer slams back hater shaming her for working while daughter Jolie has the flu: “Doing my best”


The trouble of a working mom. Yana Kramer explained why she had to shoot her new movie while her 6-year-old daughter Jolie has the flu.

“I woke up at 5 in the morning from the fact that my stomach hurts. And then vomiting,” the 38—year-old One Tree Hill graduate signed a photo of her eldest child on Instagram Story on Thursday, April 14. “I have to shoot today, so thank @houseofbashery for taking care of my girl. So grateful for her. Jolie and her bucket are on their way.

A few hours later, the actress shared a video of Jolie riding with her in a golf cart. “They changed the order of the scenes, so I was able to get Jolie, I was able to hang out with her for a couple of hours,” the Michigan native told her followers. “So now I’m bringing her back. We got your plate… and Mom will be back soon.

The Beautiful Lies singer, who also has a son, Jace, 3, from ex-husband Mike Kossin, subsequently shared a screenshot of the DM on Instagram, writing: “This poor kid. LOOK AT HER. You ABANDON her instead of being a caring mother and taking care of her. Cancel the job.”

Soccer Mom Madam star responded with applause, telling a troll from social networks that such messages are “where mom’s fault comes from.”

The Good Fight co-creator added: “It’s so sad that it’s from another mom. How sad. It killed me that I had to leave today, but I also couldn’t cancel the shoot because of a stomach problem. It’s very sad to see this from another mom when we’re all just doing our best.”

The day before, the host of the “Whine Down” podcast wrote on Instagram that “mom’s guilt is so real” for a working parent.

“I hope they know that this is all for them,” Kramer signed a slide show on Wednesday, April 13, on social networks. “I pray that they see that in the end it’s all for them… and I love that Jolie and her best friend made a cameo in [my next] movie!!”

Kramer has been raising 35-year-old Kossen since their separation in April 2021, and the Dancing with the Stars graduate is “sad” when her children stay with their father.

“It’s very difficult. But [it’s] what’s best for them,” the songwriter, who left with Ian Shinelli, wrote on Instagram in August 2021. “After all, they want a happy parent. Show them the power. Show them love.”