Jana Kramer says she will finish the half marathon after announcing the split of Jan Shinelli: “I can do it”


We move on — body and soul. A day after Yana Kramer confirmed her unmarried status, she is ready to run a half marathon.

“We’re going to do it,” the 38—year-old I Got the Boy singer said on Saturday, April 23, in an Instagram Story video. “There will be tears, but we’re going to do it.”

Kramer shared a lot of selfies before the race with two of her friends from the starting line at the St event. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Running Series when she was getting ready to move.

“A half marathon. I can do it. I can do it. I’ll do it,” she captioned her story on Saturday.

The Michigan native, who has daughter Jolie, 6, and son Jace, 3, with ex-husband Mike Kossin, has been preparing for a tough race since the beginning of the year.

“This preparation for the marathon is hard.” Yesterday I couldn’t run 3 miles, and today I did 6. A crazy mental game that I need to overcome,” Kramer signed a January selfie from a workout on Instagram.

Participation in the One Tree Hill Alumni Marathon came a day after she confirmed that she and Ian Shinelli had broken up.

“I’m kind of going through [the breakup] right now,” Kramer explained on Friday, April 22, in an interview with Access Daily. “Good. I think I would say that your story is not over yet. You will never be alone. It’s not as bad as it seems at the moment. …I think time is a wonderful thing to just know that God has big plans for you.”

The “Story” singer has since deleted her photos from social media with Shinelli after they publicly announced their romance almost three months ago.

“It was easier because I could say, ‘Hey, Jolie, remember that jump house we went to? And there was a guy Mom was talking to, and he had a girl your age?” I’m like, “Do you want to play with her?”

At the time, Kramer added, “We were just having play dates, and in the end [Jolie and Jace] were asking:”Can Ian come? He’s really funny.” I’m like, “Do you want him to come? I can call him.” That’s what we did. It had always been Jolie’s idea to invite him over. It’s never been like, “Oh, Ian’s here.”

The Soccer Mom Madam star and the armed forces veteran announced their romance via Instagram in January, almost six months after she finalized her divorce from the 35-year-old former soccer player. (Kramer filed in April 2021 after Kossen’s accusations of fraud, to which he did not respond.)