Jana Kramer ignites speculation with Ian Shinelli after the novel “Whirlwind”


Is there a problem in paradise? Subscribers of Jana Kramer have several questions about her relationship with Ian Shinelli, including whether the couple is together.

Kramer, 38, sparked mixed rumors earlier this month when keen-eyed fans pointed out that she was no longer subscribed to the 36-year-old Shinelli on Instagram. The actress also deleted all her photos with Shinelli — and since then the coach has followed in her footsteps.

The country singer continued to fuel the rumors on Friday, April 22, when she posted a quote in her Instagram story. “If you are happy alone, you will be happier together,” the post says. “There is no such attachment that could fill the void in a person who no longer loves himself. There is no independence in dependence.”

The recent social media activity came a month after Shinelli debuted on Kramer’s “Whine Down” podcast. During the March 6 episode, the Tennessee native reflected on the challenges of dating someone in public, saying, “It was different. It was really good, but I don’t get hung up on things like that.”

Shinelli also talked about the ups and downs in his relationship with the Lifetime star. “These are two very different personalities and two very different lifestyles,” he explained, noting that the couple is still “getting used” to each other. “It’s not a boundary, it’s just more understanding of her needs [and] my needs. We didn’t address them right away, and it was definitely hard to get to, and once we finally got to it, it was like, I need this on my day and my week, and she needs it on her day and her week.”

The Friday Night Lights alumni began hinting at a romance with Shinelli when they both posted photos from a trip to the Florida Keys in December 2021. A month later, Kramer confirmed their relationship. She later revealed that they met through friends in October 2021.

“Sometimes you just have to stop fighting it and listen to your heart,” the Michigan native wrote on Instagram in January. “I do not know what the future holds for me, and frankly, who knows… Every day [so in the original] I’m still healing and I know there’s still a lot of work to do, but damn it, it’s really nice to find happiness along the way. Find someone who doesn’t look at your scars as a challenge or a problem, but rather helps you keep them and supports you with love, strength and empathy along the way.”

In April 2021, Us confirmed that Kramer had filed for divorce after almost six years of marriage. The former couple, who have daughter Jolie, 6, and son Jace, 3, finalized their divorce three months later.