Jan Kramer’s Ex Jan Shinelli Denies Cheating on Her: “I gave her everything in my life and past”


Dirty is an understatement. The split between Jana Kramer and Jan Shinelli turned into a “he said, she said” situation amid accusations of fraud and toxicity.

“Since then, I’ve learned from many women that I wasn’t the only one during our relationship,” she told Us.

“The reason I didn’t say anything about this breakup was because Ian lied about cheating on his ex-wife, and I was trying to protect her. She became my friend and I tried to protect her privacy, but now she has given me permission to speak on her behalf,” the statement said. “Ian is angry because all his lies have been exposed and now he is distorting the story.”

In conclusion , she said: “I’m happy to live my life and hope he does the same.”

Shinelli, for his part, denies that he cheated on Kramer.

“I went all-in with Yana. Opened up. [I was] vulnerable. I gave her everything in my life and in my past,” he told Us. “I apologized to my ex-wife and admitted my mistakes. And suddenly, now that I’ve left her—because of her extremely toxic behavior-she’s using all the secrets and information I’ve talked to her against me.”

The former Navy seal added that he “revealed” everything about his past when they first met, and concluded: “She was the only one during our relationship.”

Kramer, who finalized her divorce from Mike Kossen in April 2021, confirmed her split from Shinelli in April after revealing their romance in January. The author of Good Fight spoke frankly about her struggle with trust issues, especially after the former NFL player cheated on her more than once during their affair.

Shinelli, meanwhile, told Us that he tried to be attentive to her past during their relationship, but felt that Kramer was causing him “guilt trips” and allegedly setting boundaries about who he could talk to.

“[She was saying], ‘Hey, you don’t have to go back to the gym. Why do you have to go back there? Why can’t you study here? Why don’t we just do it?” It was a very restrained manipulative character that she had. And I do not know if this is related to her past. I mean, it definitely is. I can’t deny it. …She told me different things to make me feel bad about doing what I liked. I thought: “OK, I’ll sacrifice part of it,” he told Us.

“I wasn’t allowed to be around other women,” he said. “I was constantly asked why I was coming here. Or if I went to the gym, why am I going back to the gym? Why would I come back a second time?”

He also claimed that she wanted to be together again earlier this month, writing him a three-page letter, but said he would never reconcile with his ex.