Jamie Lynn Spears talks about Daughter Maddie’s first day of high school: “Time flies literally”


Everything has grown! Jamie Lynn Spears’ eldest daughter is officially in high school, and the actress still can’t come to terms with this important milestone.

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“And so, my child is in high school.” swipe your finger to see how time literally flies… don’t take a second for granted,” 31—year-old Spears wrote along with a selection of Instagram photos of 14-year-old daughter Maddie on Tuesday, August 9. The post included pictures. from her baby’s first day in high school and Maddie’s return.

The Netflix star, who shares Maddie with ex Casey Aldridge, spoke about the ups and downs of being a parent. Earlier this year, Spears reflected on her love for her daughter on the five-year “wonderful anniversary” of Maddie’s ATV accident.

“Maybe it’s just a little reminder to stay true in good times and bad,” the Zoey 101 graduate wrote on Instagram in February, discussing the tragic incident. “I mean, I didn’t have anything when I thought I’d lost my baby, so my faith was literally all I had to cling to. I thank God every day [sic] for the outstanding medical workers, all the prayer warriors and countless angels in heaven and on earth who made our miracle possible.”

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In February 2017, Spears’ daughter was riding an ATV when it overturned into a pond. Maddy lost consciousness and was under water for several minutes. Due to health concerns, a 9-year-old girl was airlifted to a hospital for immediate medical attention.

The Nickelodeon graduate, for her part, later told how the scary moment subsequently affected her mental health.

“It really was to the point where the panic attacks were overwhelming when I count, I touch the door handle seven times,” explained the author of “Things I Had to Say” on the program “Good Morning America” in January. “It consumed my life to such an extent that it physically possessed me. At that time I was taking medication and finally got to the point where I felt stable. I think when your biggest fear happens, you’re a lot less afraid of everything else. …It made me re-evaluate everything and who I was as a person and where I needed to be better.”

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Spears, who also has a daughter Ivy, 4, with husband Jamie Watson, recalls that the experience “haunted” her. “The biggest thought that I think stays with me is that when I tried to save her—when I thought I had lost her—I was so scared that her last thought was, “Why didn’t Mom save me?” I just hope she knows that I did everything I could,” she added.


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