Jamie Lynn Spears shows support for Britney Spears after announcing her pregnancy


Sisterly love! After Britney Spears announced that she was pregnant with her third child, Jamie Lynn Spears “liked” her sister’s exciting post.

The demonstration of support took place a day after the 40-year-old singer announced that she was expecting a child from her fiance Sam Asgari.

“I lost so much weight to go on a trip to Maui, only to gain it again 🤷🏼 ♀ ️ 🤷🏼 ♀ ️ 🤷🏼 ♀ ️ … I thought: “God… what happened to my stomach???” My husband said, “No, I’m pregnant from eating 🤪 !!!” So, I did a pregnancy test… and well… I’m having a baby,” Britney wrote in a long Instagram post on Monday, April 11. “Four days later, I received a pregnancy test. A little more food is pregnant 🤰🏼 🙈 🙈 🙈 Growing !!! If there are two… I might just lose [sic] his 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 .”

The Grammy winner, who has sons Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, from ex Kevin Federline, noted that she struggled with “perinatal depression” during previous pregnancies.

“I have to say it’s absolutely terrible,” she continued. “Women didn’t talk about it then… some considered it dangerous if a woman complains like that with a baby inside… but now women talk about it every day… thank God, we don’t need to keep this pain a secret. secret 🤫 😬 😬 😬 … This time I will do yoga 🧘 ♀ ️ every day !!! We give a lot of joy and love 💕 !!!”

On the same day, 28-year-old Asgari took to social media to discuss his hopes for his family. “Marriage and children are a natural part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect,” the model wrote on Instagram. “Fatherhood is something I’ve always looked forward to, and I don’t take it lightly. This is the most important job I’ve ever done.”

Jamie Lynn’s reaction is so far the only public reaction to the news from Britney’s family. The sisters previously made headlines when the Circus artist called on her loved ones to participate in her 13-year guardianship.

“To be honest, I would like to sue my family, to be completely honest with you. I would also like to be able to share with the world my story and what they did to me, instead of it being a classified secret to benefit all of them,” Britney said during an emotional court hearing in June 2021, stating that her loved ones didn’t do a damn thing. to help her.

After the “Crossroads” star first turned to her custody, her 31-year-old younger sister explained that she was on her side. “I may not have supported her as much as the public would like with a hashtag on a public platform, but I can assure you that I supported my sister long before the hashtag appeared,” Jamie Lynn wrote on Instagram at the event. time. “And I will support her for a long time after that. Please note that.”

The duo’s feud continued to make headlines after Britney’s custody was terminated in November 2021. At that time, the songwriter’s followers noticed that Britney had unsubscribed from her younger sister on social media. Jamie Lynn, for her part, still follows Britney and interacts with her posts.

Earlier this year, the Netflix personality discussed her decision to write a memoir amid Britney’s concerns.

“There are two separate things here—it’s the relationship I have with me and my sister, and there’s another part where I have the right to protect my name and protect my family to protect my family,” Jamie Lynn said during “Call Her.” Interview for the Daddy podcast in January. “They can be separate when I say, for example: “You all don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about.” Here are the facts, but do you want the truth? That’s the truth.” And another side is that this is my sister, whom I know and love, and when all the headlines disappear and everything else is done, I will still be her sister. It doesn’t matter. And people should stop interfering in our situation, inciting and encouraging it.”

In the same month , Britney tweeted: “Jamie Lynn… congratulations, baby! You have descended to a whole new level of LOW. So please stop this crazy lies for Hollywood books!!! NOW, and only NOW, I know that only a scumbag can invent such things about someone.”