Jamie Lee Curtis Checked Out Lindsay Lohan With a “Freaky Friday” Question to Confirm Her Identity When She Texted Out of The Blue


The mother-daughter chemistry that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan had in “Freaky Friday” will forever be remembered. Despite the fact that almost 20 years have passed since the release of “Freaky Friday”, this duo recently came into contact with each other. In fact, Lohan and Curtis use a secret code to make sure they’re texting with the right person when they catch up with each other.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two decades since Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan swapped bodies after discovering a mysterious fortune cookie. When ET mentioned the classic Disney comedy, Curtis recalled Lohan texting her out of the blue. Just to make sure, she did a little test to answer a very specific question about the memorable day they spent on set.

One day I got a text message from her out of the blue, I haven’t spoken to her for about a year. I received: “Hi, Jamie, this is Linds.” I said, “Prove it.” She says, “What do you mean?” I say, “What is this song that you and I were trying to learn in the middle, when we were filming the scene with fries in the car in Freaky Friday, when we were stuck in the car for a few hours?” And immediately wrote an answer.

Jamie Lee Curtis Says She & Lindsay Lohan Have a Secret Texting Code to  Identify Each Other | Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan | Just Jared

If you’re wondering what the former Disney star replied, the answer is “How I Love You” by Justin Timberlake. I would like to find a copy of this moment in a video with blunders! The Halloween star said that she tracks the calls of celebrities and asks a secret question to avoid a prank from the masquerade. In a world where people use voice-altering software and deepfakes, I can understand her skepticism.

Since the “Freaky Friday” duo respects each other very much and still keeps in touch, could this mean that we will get a sequel to “Freaky Friday”? Both stars have expressed great interest in wanting to return to their previous roles in the body change movie. Although nothing has been confirmed, the “Swap Places” star said she can imagine a plot in which her character Tess becomes a grandmother and watches Lohan’s character try to become a mother. Wow, that would really be a great idea! Is Disney hearing this right now?

So the next Freaky Friday movie may not be coming anytime soon, but you can expect Lindsay Lohan to return with a Christmas movie for Netflix called Falling in Love with Christmas. Think of it as a modern remake of Goldie Hawn’s “Overboard” with drops of Christmas magic about an amnesiac heiress in the care of a blue-collar cabin owner. This will be her first major film after “Canyons” and “Very Scary Movie 5” in 2013. The “Parent Trap” star tried her best in this role, working with an acting coach for the first time in her career to better understand her character’s emotions. and explore all the possibilities of the script. She also has another romantic comedy for Netflix called “The Irish Wish” about a woman who wakes up as a bride after making a wish to find love. The actress from New York is really doing well.

Luckily for Lindsay Lohan, she answered Jamie Lee Curtis’ question correctly when she called her, otherwise she would have had to face the wrath of the Scream Queen herself. Be sure to watch Falling For Christmas on a Netflix subscription when it premieres on November 10. You can also see this dynamic duo in “Freaky Friday” by subscribing to Disney+.


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