Jamie Fraser’s death shows a drastic change in the series


It seems likely that the next Outlander series will use some stories from the novels. Actor Sam Heughan, best known for his role as Jamie Fraser, had hinted that parts of the book may be incorporated into the new series.

When asked if the sixth season of Outlander will be based on the seventh novel, Jamie (Sam Heughan) said: Actually, if I could tell you, I can’t because I haven’t seen all the scripts, I would say because we have so much history and travels in it. time and all that.

This means that fans could see Jamie’s “death” at the end of Outlander season six. After the ship he was traveling on to return from Scotland to North America sank, he is believed to be lost at sea and is presumed dead.

Claire is distraught when she receives the heartbreaking news before being arrested for being a spy. Wanting to protect her from her, Lord John Gray (David Berry) swoops in and insists on marrying her to keep the Fraser family safe in Outlander.

Claire accepts the marriage because she knows Lord John well, he is a close friend of Jamie in Outlander and believes that he had lost her husband forever. However, there is a surprise that Claire discovers.

Author Diana has confirmed that Jamie does not die in the next season, which would fit in line with her story for future novels. Outlander’s latest theory about season six comes after actor Sam opened up about life after his time as Jamie.


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