Jamie Foxx to be Mike Tyson in new drama


According to the American magazine Variety, actor Jamie Foxx, an Oscar winner for “Ray”, in which he played the musical icon Ray Charles, will play Mike Tyson in a new biographical series produced by Martin Scorsese. Directed and also produced by Antoine Fuqua, the series will tell the story of Tyson as one of the greatest and most emblematic boxers.

So far, the series produced by Fuqua and Scorsese has yet to debut. In addition, no contracts have been signed with broadcasters or streaming platforms. New information is expected to be released soon.

Find out more about Mike Tyson

Currently 54 years old, fighter Mike Tyson is known for being a heavyweight champion between 1987 and 1990. However, his career and personal life were also surrounded by controversy.

Between 1992 and 1995, the fighter was arrested after Desiree Washington’s rape charge. At the time, the girl was only 18 years old. In addition, his first wife, Robin Givens, has also provided several statements accusing her ex-husband of violence during their marriage.

In 2010, Tyson made a cameo appearance in the film Se Beber, Não Case and, since then, has returned to work with cinema and television. In 2020, he returned to the ring after 15 years.

Jamie Foxx, the actor who will play the iconic boxer, is known for his roles in titles like Free Django, Ray, Annie and Code of Conduct. For his part, director Martin Scorsese brings together in his curriculum great cinema productions, such as The Irishman, Taxi Driver, The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Antoine Fuqua, director and producer of the new series about Mike Tyson, is famous for productions such as Training Day, The Protector and Seven Men and One Destiny.

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