Jamie Foxx Shouts Out Fan Review of Day Shift After New Netflix Movie Goes Viral


Jamie Foxx has been on a roll lately: he was part of one of the most successful theatrical releases since the “Spider-Man: No Home” pandemic, and was also the lead voice of Pixar’s Oscar-winning film “Soul.” His latest film is a comedy about vampire hunters called “Day Shift” on Netflix, and after its release on the weekend, the actor is basking in a lot of hype around the film.

Over the weekend and on Tuesday, “Day Shift” ranked first on the streaming service among recent releases such as “Uncharted” and “Purple Hearts.” As the film continues to gain popularity, Jamie Foxx took to Instagram to shout out one audience review in particular.

It must be really inspiring when the audience is really connected to Fox’s latest movie, “Day Shift.” A review from Twitter called it “one of the funniest and most violent films of 2022,” and Fox, in particular, is in the middle of a “lucky streak.” Jamie Foxx didn’t comment on the post, he just let it speak for itself. This is certainly one of the many positive comments that appeared on social networks when viewers tuned in to the “Day Shift”. Here is another explanatory review:

I highly recommend @netflix #DayShift The funniest, dynamic and action-packed vampire hunting movie. Jamie Foxx made sure that the comedy developed at full speed with all the action. An additional surprise was the comedic role of Dave Franco, which worked so hilariously with Jamie. 🧛🏾🧛🏾♂️🧛🏾♀️🧛🏾♂️🧛🏾

In the Netflix movie, Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter, and Dave Franco is a union representative who was hired to monitor Fox’s character, as he is told to work only the day shift and make sure he doesn’t break any violations. The cast of “Day Shift” also includes Snoop Dogg, whom the audience was glad to see in the film.

I never thought I needed to see Snoop playing the role of a vampire slayer Creep with a machine gun and the ability to kick from a turn to destroy enemies. But I did it.#DayShift pic.twitter.com/I3YPCQpOTO13 August 2022

“Day Shift” received generally mixed reviews from critics and viewers, but it seems that overall the perception was a little more positive. Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend gave the film a disappointing 1.5 out of 5 in our Day Shift review, stating that it “by no means can be interesting”, so not everyone will like it, but there will surely be many film lovers to go around. As this fan said:

I was pleasantly surprised by #DayShift! The humor of “From Dusk to dawn” is combined with the cruelty of “Blade”. out. This is what Bright wanted to be.

You will have to make a decision for yourself whether Day Shift is as good as these reviews say. Anyway, it’s nice to see Jamie Foxx getting some love for his latest film, especially since the actor found himself at a point in his career that has yet to be fruitful. Fox has been playing since the 90s, and he really continued to build his career and became one of the biggest movie stars of our time.

Watch “Day Shift” with a Netflix subscription and check out CinemaBlend’s latest interview with Jamie Foxx, his actors and the creators of “Day Shift” as the film continues to gain popularity.


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