Jamie Foxx Portrays Donald Trump, Advertising Day Shift and It& Spot-On


The former US president is an ambiguous figure, but Donald Trump was a target for comedians long before he became president. Many comics have their own impressions of Trump, but we may have seen the best thing that ever came from Jamie Foxx. The Oscar winner is doing a great job with his impression of Trump.

In a recent appearance on the Rap Radar podcast, Jamie Foxx expressed his opinion about Trump. And if you close your eyes, I bet you can be fooled. At least until the former US president starts talking about how much he loves Death Row Records. At this point, you may start to wonder what you’re hearing. Watch Jamie Foxx perform in the clip below.

Jamie Foxx has become such a great dramatic actor in his Oscar-worthy roles from “Accomplice” to “Ray” that it’s easy to forget that he started his career as a comedian, performing in stand-up and appearing in “In Living Color.” With such a background, one would expect him to be solid in impressions. He may not have needed to perfect the Trump impression, but that’s exactly what he did.

Although there is no context in the clip above, the impression arose during a discussion with another podcast guest, Snoop Dogg. Fox and Snoop appear together in the current Netflix movie “Day Shift” and will be together again in the upcoming comedy “All-Star Weekend.” Snoop, who talked about reuniting with Death Row Records co-founder Michael Harris, known as Harry-O.

Harris spent more than 30 years in prison on drug charges, but was pardoned by President Trump in 2021. Harris is now back working with Snoop Dogg, who acquired Death Row Records earlier this year. It is after Snoop mentions Trump’s pardon that Fox gets the impression that he is completely and hilariously talking about how much Trump loves Harry-O.

While Jamie Foxx’s upcoming films are a mix of drama and comedy, there is probably no film that will allow him to showcase his incredible impressionist skills. This is very bad, because this impression of Trump shows how adept Fox is in this regard. Many impressions of any famous person, although funny, deliberately go too far for comedic effect. For Fox, the comedy lies in how accurately he captured Trump’s particular manner of speech.

Let’s hope Jamie Foxx finds a place in future projects to use this incredible talent. If he can make Trump like this, he is certainly capable of making other impressions, no less good. Maybe we need a special Jamie Foxx comedy focused on impression.


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