Jamie Foxx Explains Why His Unreleased Robert Downey Jr. Movie Is in Limbo


Jamie Foxx is currently starring in the Netflix series Day Shift, but he recently reflected on his unreleased movie called All-Star Weekend, which featured such famous talents as Robert Downey Jr.

During a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Fox talked about his unreleased 2016 comedy All-Star Weekend, which also features celebrities such as Jeremy Piven, Benicio del Toro, Gerard Butler and Eva Longoria. Fox stated that his unreleased film All-Star Weekend has not yet been released to the public due to the “current state” of the comedy.

The film describes Fox and Piven as two best friends who have just won tickets to the NBA All-Star Game. The couple goes to Los Angeles to watch the game, and along the way they meet a lot of interesting characters. Some characters include Downey Jr., who portrays a Mexican, and one of Fox’s many roles is reportedly a white racist cop. “When it comes to comedy, it’s difficult,” Fox said. As for when the film will be released, Fox said, “We’re trying to uncover sensitive corners where people start laughing again. We hope to make them laugh and launch them right at All-Star Weekend, because that’s definitely what we were aiming for.”

Fox supported his decision to play Downey Jr. as a Mexican, recalling how he played a black man in the popular comedy “Thunder Tropic,” saying that Downey Jr. “killed it.” Although when many look back at the role, they are not too happy about it, and many even offend. Given that Downey Jr. was wearing Blackface, the casting directors of Tropic Thunder could have brought in a colored actor to play the role instead of choosing Downey Jr., who is the opposite. Thus, Fox’s choice to have Downey Jr. portray a person of color will definitely cause a serious backlash if the film is ever released.

The entertainment business has made significant strides when it comes to the inclusivity and sensitivity of the stories it wants to tell. Hollywood is finally allowing actors of color, the LGBTQ+ community and people with different economic status to appear on screen and tell very raw, true stories in which viewers can see themselves. considering that all he can do is hinder the growth and success achieved in Hollywood over the past few decades.

“Day Shift” is now available on Netflix.


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