Jamie Chang talks about his “first date” with Brian Greenberg after the birth of twins: “We find time to communicate”


Saving the spark. Jamie Chang talks about her marriage to Brian Greenberg after becoming a mother of twins.

The chronology of love by Jamie Chang and Brian Greenberg

The 39-year-old actress, known for her roles in the films “The Real World: San Diego” and “Lovecraft Country,” took on a completely new role in October 2021 when she and Greenberg welcomed their boys into this world.

“Oh my God. I would say that the dream role, in which I never thought I would be good, is the role of mom.” Chang told Us Weekly during an interview promoting the Huggies Children’s academy for puppies. “I feel like it’s a dream role, and it’s a dream role that I never thought I’d really fall in love with so much.”

Chang joked that she discovered another “secret talent” last year. “I can change a diaper in less than five seconds, including the claim. I can change this diaper anywhere,” she laughed.

Raising children is not an easy task, especially when you have double the hassle. Chang said her biggest challenge is “not losing myself as a parent.” She added that with all the daily chaos of caring for young children, not “losing your identity, not losing your mind” is sometimes difficult.

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“You have to take care of yourself. You have to give yourself these 10 minutes, these 30 minutes, this hour to make yourself. Because you can’t lose your identity,” she continued. “You will become unhappy. You give so much for these babies to survive, to be happy, to be entertained and comforted. It’s non-stop literally. So, this is really important. You find this moment for yourself.”

Chang’s relationship with Greenberg has been in the public spotlight since they started dating in 2012. Even with twins, they still find time to be a couple. “We just went on our first date,” chuckled Chang. “When his parents were in town and we went to the movies and it was pretty luxurious, but even when the kids are napping, we find time to socialize.”

Chang stressed the importance of spending time with each other: “When the kids fall, we take the time to check on each other to make sure he’s okay, that I’m okay. I feel that therapy helps me a lot to solve all my problems, and this is something that I don’t want to pass on to my children. I think we are all constantly working on ourselves. A lot of work in progress.”

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Chang spoke about her partnership with The Huggies’ Baby Academy for Puppies, discussing the challenges of being young parents. “It was a perfect collaboration,” she said. “Because I have a dog, and our main concern about becoming parents was how the dog would react to babies? I wish this had happened when we first had children, because we had to do all the research ourselves.”

With the goal of helping prepare dogs for life with a newborn, Huggies is creating the first—ever Puppy academy for puppies – a pop-up in New York that offers an exclusive experience that introduces dogs to everything related to a baby.