James Winston has 4 broken vertebrae: fans’ reaction


Saints quarterback Jameis Winston will be battling serious pain on Sunday.

Jay Glazer from FOX: “James Winston is playing with 4 back fractures today, starting with L1 and ending with L4. He’s in a lot of pain with extra pads to protect the area, but he’s still playing.”

Fans reacted to James’ injury on social media.

“Why are they letting him play?” one of the users asked.

“Your main back fractures are from L1 to L4. Add some Bengai to it and give it a whirl,” Tyler Dunn replied.

“The world better react to Jamieson’s good throw the same way it did on Thursday night,” another tweeted.

“Somebody sit this man down.”

No matter how hard it is.

“Saints and Falcons” will begin soon at 13:00. ET.


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