James Wan shared a pleasant opinion after the announcement of the film “The Next Saw”


It was recently confirmed that the tenth film in the Saw franchise was on its way when it was set an official release date for the 2023 Halloween season. We rarely see film franchises that reach ten films, and it would be understandable if we were even starting to get tired of the franchise. But the man who started it all, screenwriter and director James Wang, is just thrilled that his little independent horror project has gone so far.

James Wan, who wrote and directed the original “Saw” and has remained the executive producer of the franchise ever since, took to Instagram when the release of “Saw X” was announced and talked about the humble beginning of the series, with the first movie being shot quickly and cheaply. Of course, he had no idea that this would spawn an entire franchise.

James Wan couldn’t even imagine what that first Saw movie would mean. This will not only launch a new horror franchise, one of the most successful in recent years, but will also lift him into the stratosphere of directing. While Wang always returns to horror from time to time, he has also directed the Fast and Furious and Aquaman films due to the success of this small indie horror film set mostly in a dirty basement.

The Saw franchise has been the mainstay of Halloween for several years, and new recordings have been released every fall. Every year, starting from the original in 2004 and ending in 2010, a new “Saw” was released. Each of them gave fans new creative traps and new bloody, brutal deaths. What potentially sets Saw apart from other horror franchises is that instead of just making up a story to justify killing a new group of people, Saw has a coherent narrative that runs through the entire franchise. There’s a wild story behind the people in The Saw setting traps that requires you to see all the other movies to understand it all. Although even then it hardly makes sense.

The only exception is the last film in the series. Spiral, which, although technically the ninth Saw film, is more of a spin-off focusing on new characters that use elements of violence from the franchise, but does not continue the story of Saw, a name associated with the main villain of the film. series.

For the first time in early 2021, even before Spiral was released, there were rumors that the tenth saw was in development, and now it has been confirmed. Kevin Groytert, who shot “Saw VI” and “Saw 3D”, will lead the new part. At the moment, it is unclear whether the new film will continue from where Spiral left off, since this film left an exciting ending, or we will get something that more directly matches the rest of the franchise’s offerings.


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