James Marsden Offers Cryptic Details about His Return to Westworld


HBO’s “Wild West World,” whose season four trailer is full of all sorts of Easter eggs and hints that the next season of the sci-fi action movie has prepared for long-time loyal viewers, has just revealed a new mystery in the person of James Marsden, who played the host, Teddy. Teddy was an eternal victim in the course of the stories that will be played out in the title park of the series “Wild West World”, and was noticeably absent from the events of season 3.

The series, created by Christopher Nolan’s brother and partner, Jonathan Nolan, along with his wife Lisa Joy, is an updated version of Michael Crichton’s classic idea (which can be seen as an early precursor to Jurassic Park). Fans demanded more TV series, carefully studying its details.

When Marsden appeared at the ATX Television Festival in Austin in early June, he surprised fans by telling them that his character Teddy, whom viewers thought was forever dead after Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) abandoned him when he committed suicide at the end of season 2, would return to the series. Where was he going to appear in the last season of the show?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marsden said he was going to “stay a little mysterious about where you’ll find me in the first episode, if at all.” He continued: “The themes of exploring human urges to violence and things like that will continue,” adding, “And this season, perhaps, we will explore what the world looks like after Dolores freed humans and robots. Will they cooperate or will they fight for power? What happens when they vie for power? Will the owners inherit these impulses to violence? Some of the main things that we continue to explore in this series and definitely in season 4 are we ask a lot of these questions. What happens next?”

No stranger to science fiction or action movies, having played Scott Summers in the hugely successful and popular X-Men movie series in the early 2000s, James Marsden is also no stranger when it comes to playing things close to the vest. And in such a series as “The World of the Wild West”, whose fans disassemble scene by scene, background details by background details, this is no small feat.

Although it initially stuck to the source material regarding a theme park where visitors would interact with complex, almost human robots, the show eventually left the park to explore the world outside. According to the trailer for the fourth season of Wild West World, the preview begins with Evan Rachel Wood (no longer Dolores, but a new character named Christina) waking up and realizing that something is wrong with the world. However, along the way she will meet a guy who looks exactly like Teddy Marsden. Long known for playing with viewers’ expectations of reality, it seems that “Wild West World” is disorienting fans again.