James Lafferty: Where is Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill?


James Lafferty: Even after 9 years since the end of the series One Tree Hill, which ended in April 2012, the longing that fans feel is still strong and the desire to see the actors again in their roles is very strong.

However, this is not possible, but you can continue to follow the cast of One Tree Hill in their new work, such as actor James Lafferty, who played Nathan Scott for 9 long seasons.

But after all, where is the star James Lafferty? Keep reading and find out how the actor’s projects are going!

What happened to James Lafferty?

Actor James Lafferty played the character Nathan Scott in One Tree Hill for 9 years and it’s clear that fans immediately linked Nathan to the actor, but Lafferty had to pursue his career after the show ended.

James has already given a few interviews commenting that he thought that, after the series’ success for so many years, finding a role on TV would be a very simple task, but that’s not quite what happened.

After the end of One Tree Hill, it was very difficult for the actor to find new projects, so he spent some time away from the camera, but managed to get back on his feet and is currently starring in a new Hulu series, Everything is Doing Great. It’s Going Very Well, in literal translation).

Lafferty plays Jeremy and shares the show with actor Stephen Colletti, who brings the character Seth to life, in a show that portrays the lives of two friends who, after starring in a successful series, struggle to get new jobs.

Precisely for this plot, James commented that he got very close to the new character and could feel again the “slap in the face” that he had taken from the industry after the end of One Tree Hill.


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