James Harden’s Expected Free Agency Decision Revealed


Last year, the Philadelphia Seven Sixers made a major deal to acquire James Harden from the Brooklyn Nets. But ahead of NBA free agency, what are Harden’s plans for the upcoming season?

According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fisher, Harden intends to sign a short-term contract with the 76ers after the 2022/23 season. According to the report, the 76ers do not want to sign Harden to a four-year contract and may instead offer him a two- or three-year contract.

Harden has already selected his player for the upcoming season. He will be paid $47.4 million next season.

In addition, he can play only two additional years with a five percent salary increase in each subsequent year. In general, he will play for up to three more years in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately for the Philadelphia 76ers, they are barely closer to reaching the Eastern Conference Finals with James Harden than with Ben Simmons, whom they sent to Brooklyn by and large.

Philadelphia finished the regular season 14-7 in the games he started and advanced to the NBA playoffs, finishing fourth in the East. But after a pretty good game against the Toronto Raptors, Harden just couldn’t do anything against the Miami Heat.

The 76ers have lost in six games, and Harden has averaged less than 19 points throughout the playoffs.

But he’s aiming to win an NBA title in Philadelphia. Let’s see how determined Philadelphia is to win with him in the coming days.