James Gunn responds to calls to add more Harley Quinn performed by Margot Robbie


“Suicide Squad” director and “Peacemaker” showrunner James Gunn has responded to fans’ calls for more projects featuring Harley Quinn performed by Margot Robbie. Gunn worked alongside Robbie on his 2016 sequel Suicide Squad in 2021. Robbie has starred as a DC comics antihero in three feature films set in the DC Extended Universe.

Making his debut in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, the Joker (Jared Leto) manipulated Dr. Harlin Quinzel Robbie into becoming her accomplice, helping to free him from Arkham Asylum and joining him in a life of crime. After Harley Quinn, played by Robbie, was introduced to Task Force X by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and went on a personal journey of separation from the Joker with the help of birds of prey, she last appeared in Suicide Squad 2021, where she helped the secret extraterrestrial threat to the nation of Corto Maltese in Gunn’s debut in the District of Columbia. Although Gunn is working on several DC projects, there is no confirmation yet whether Robbie can return to this character, but the director recently responded to fan calls for future appearances.

On his personal Twitter account, where the director regularly communicates with fans, Gunn responded to a fan’s response to a recent picture of Robbie from Suicide Squad, which he shared. In his response, a fan shared a photo of the director and Robbie hugging at the premiere of the 2021 film, and asked Gunn to bring Harley back in one of his future productions. Quoting a fan’s response on Twitter, Gunn stated that it would be nice to get Quinn Robbie back by supporting the fan’s request.

Although Gunn was positively received upon its release, Gunn recently dampened hopes for a sequel to Suicide Squad featuring Harley and the rest of the characters in an interview in June 2022, where Gunn stated that Suicide Squad 3 was not in development. In an interview, the director admitted that although there have been some discussions about a sequel, he is currently too busy with television projects, such as the second season of Peacemaker, to work on this film. Gunn also said that thanks to his pleasant experience working on Peacemaker, he hopes to continue working on television projects in the foreseeable future.

The portrayal of Harley Quinn, played by Robbie, was recognized as one of the best characters in the DCEU, and her constant growth is visible in her three appearances in films, as Quinn quickly killed the Corto-Maltese dictator Juan Diego Botto Silvio Luna, noticing signs that reminded him of the cruel clown prince of the underworld. Although a sequel to Suicide Squad is not currently in development, Gunn teased more DCEU cameos in the second season of Peacemaker, showing that the director is interested in returning to explore other DCEU characters. There is also a question about Lady Gaga, as the actress and pop star are rumored to play Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker 2. However, it remains unclear whether this will be realized and what it means for Robbie’s future.