James Gunn Promises a “Connected” DC Universe As The Director Announces The Cast of The First Phase, Including the Superman Legacy Movie.


James Gunn has revealed the first phase of the new DC universe, which will include a Superman reboot.

By making the announcement on Twitter earlier this evening (Tuesday, January 31), Gunn clearly outlined the starting point for DC’s brand new entertainment venture (see tweet below). Gunn has made it clear that he is committed to keeping the DC universe “connected” to movies, television and video games in an ambitious vision.

The major films that he announced as part of the first stage are “The Legacy of Superman” (which will be a reboot after the Henry Cavill era), a Batman movie separate from Matt Reeves’ DC Elesworlds series, the Swamp Thing movie with a touch of horror and the Lanterns series. .

Indeed, films such as “Joker: Folie à Deux” and “Batman Reeves” will exist under a separate Elseworlds brand. This means that they are completely separate from the DCU.

Gunn revealed an ambitious plan in which he told fans they could expect “an eight- to ten-year plan for the DC universe in movies, on TV and in games.” He started the ad by talking about Creature Commandos. It will be a seven-part animated series based on Gunn’s script, which is already in production. At some point, he plans to use actors to voice characters in a live-action sequel (something he wants to implement in DCU).

He named Viola Davis as his lead actor in The Waller series. This will be a series combining the first and second seasons of The Peacemaker. It shows how a nefarious government agent teams up with members of the Peacemaker crew.

Gunn has confirmed that he is writing a Superman reboot, and it will be called “Superman’s Legacy.” He kept everything a secret, except that he said he was already writing the script, and that the film would be released in theaters as “the real beginning of DCU” on July 11, 2025.

The Green Lantern Corporation is set to return after the failure of Ryan Reynolds in the cinema in 2011. The co-head of DC Studios said he plans to introduce Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart in this “big HBO premiere show” called “Lanterns.” Gunn described it as “almost like a ‘True Detective’ but with lanterns,” before teasing a terrifying story that ties into the broader DCU.

A film called The Authority, based on Wildstorm characters, is also planned. Wildstorm is a group of superheroes who want to fix the world in any way possible. Batman will be introduced to DCU in the father and son film “The Brave and the Bold” — this will be separate from Matt Reeves’ Batman films.

Swampthing and the character’s “very dark origins” are also being prepared for a feature film. Although it is very different from other projects, its horror-tinged plot will be incorporated into the broader DCU.

Speaking about this new beginning, Gunn said, “One of our strategies is to take our diamond characters—Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman-and use them to support other characters that people don’t know.”

The full slate announced for the DC Universe: phase one

  • Creature Commandos
  • Waller
  • Superman: Legacy
  • Lanterns
  • The Authority
  • Paradise Lost
  • The Brave and the Bold
  • The Batman sequel
  • Booster Gold
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
  • SwampThing


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