James Gunn passionately responded to the hatred of Chris Pratt on the Internet


James Gunn talks about hating Chris Pratt on the Internet. Gunn and Pratt previously worked together on Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy. 2, both directed by Gunn, with Pratt starring as Peter Quill/Star-Lord. The two will team up again in Guardians of the Galaxy. 3, whose release date is set for 2023. Pratt’s recent major blockbusters also include “Jurassic Dominion” and the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Despite his fame, Pratt has faced a lot of backlash and criticism in recent years. Pratt is one of the four “Hollywood Kris” along with Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans. People on the Internet often refer to Pratt as “the worst Chris.” Part of this meme stems from the suspicion that Pratt holds homophobic beliefs. Pratt gave a welcome speech at the MTV Awards ceremony in which he spoke passionately about God, which led to more scrutiny of his religious views. It is reported that in 2017 Pratt was seen at a service at Hillsong Church, an organization promoting anti-LGBTQ+ views. Although Pratt has since denied any involvement with Hillsong, the reported connection has undoubtedly made many fans suspicious of his personal beliefs.

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Gunn stated that this widespread hatred of Pratt is infuriating and unfounded, in a recent statement to Men’s Health. According to Gunn, Pratt is “incredibly kind” to the people around him, especially to children. He will also make sure to mention that Pratt is a great father, and further suggests that assumptions made about Pratt’s political beliefs may be fabricated. Read Gunn’s full statement below:

“It absolutely pisses me off. Chris is unspeakably kind to people; he tries his best to help children. He is a particularly loving father. And there are a lot of things that people have literally just made up about him — about his politics, about who he is, about what he thinks about other people, you know?

This isn’t the first time Gunn has publicly defended Pratt. Back in April, he offered the same passionate response to calls to remake Pratt in the MCU. Gunn doubles down on his earlier statements, illustrating that this is something he feels strongly about. Gunn has discussed “hole checks” on employees in the past, so with that in mind, it suggests that he is so actively protecting his “Guardians of the Galaxy” star. Pratt’s MCU colleagues also defended him, emphasizing their positive experiences. Pratt’s own statements about his religion, views and potential membership in Hillsong have historically been confusing, which makes the stories about Pratt seem unreliable. At the same time, Gunn seems sincere in his statements about Pratt and certainly knows Pratt on a more personal level than most people on the Internet.

Despite the memes about “The Worst Chris” and hatred of Pratt scattered all over the Internet, Pratt’s films continue to have box office receipts. “Jurassic World Dominion” under Pratt’s direction became a huge box office hit, despite the fact that critics criticized it. It will be interesting to see how the anger of the Internet towards Pratt may change or decrease in the coming year when “Guardians of the Galaxy. Release date 3 is approaching. Maybe one day Pratt will stop being the most hated Chris in Hollywood.