James Gunn has a List of Actors He Definitely Won’t Work With


In a recent social media thread, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. “3” director James Gunn answered fans’ questions about his directorial process, and while some of the answers were strictly about the filming process and making music, others had questions about what the director was doing to fight the diva-struck actors. Gunn didn’t hold back when discussing his zero tolerance policy for such behavior on set.

Fans love it when directors, actors and screenwriters answer some of their most burning questions on Twitter, especially when a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 is just around the corner. Fans just want any sensation they can get. At first, Twitter user and composer Andrew Gordon McPherson started by asking how Gunn copes with a scene that doesn’t work just because the song and editing don’t quite fit together correctly.

Gunn further told McPherson, “Often scenes are very tonally specific in themselves, so finding a good tempo is difficult. This does not mean that there are problems with the stage. A good composer can smooth it all out. “As the questions keep coming in, fans are starting to delve deeper into what really annoys Gunn when it comes to the film industry. “Directing is a privilege — we are so lucky to be doing it, and there are so many talented people who want to do it. Seeing directors who are not grateful for this opportunity and do not respect the talent and hard work of others infuriates me. without end.”

While Gunn continues to talk about his work, another user asked how Gunn approaches an actor who doesn’t work for a number of reasons, such as their process, temperament, or lack of chemistry. “If it’s their temperament and it’s serious, I’ll redo it immediately. Life is too short for jerks,” Gunn said. “It’s the same if they are constantly very late, which I hate, or unprepared. I have a long list of actors, A-list and others that I will never work with for these reasons…”

While it’s obvious Gunn won’t reveal the actors he’ll never work with, Twitter user Kent Driscoll stated, “I bet @JohnCena came on time. Looks like such a guy.” Gunn responded by greeting the Peacemaker star, saying, “Yes. @JohnCena is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with — always ready, on time and kind to everyone. He and many of my regular clients are among the actors I have chosen to work with. I want to shout to them here, but [the] lack of characters means I’ll miss out on many.”

While many fans would like to know who these troubled actors are, Gunn is too professional for this kind of theatricality. Thanks to this Q&A session, it’s safe to say that Gunn doesn’t think about the people he would never work with. What is more important for the director is the process of making the film and bringing its story and vision to life, as well as the confidence that he brings everything he can to the fans who care most about it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 5, 2023.


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