James Gunn denies theory of Guardians of the Galaxy


The mystery remains! Since an interesting theory that seemed to have found the secret of Guardians of the Galaxy has been disproved by the director James Gunn.

As any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows, everything is in the details and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is not only not the exception but is still the most interesting since it has managed to keep one of its secrets according to director James Gunn .

And it has been Gunn himself who has encouraged fans to look for this secret reference that is kept hidden in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie but also who has already demolished several theories.

One more of this list of theories that have tried to reveal the secret ‘Easter egg’ of Guardians of the Galaxy only to ‘fall’ before James Gunn is that of the Twitter account of MasterTainment site of which the director is apparently a fan.

MasterTainment’s theory was that the Guardians of the Galaxy secret that Gunn was referring to was the appearance of Ego, Peter Quill’s father and Volume 2 villain, in one of the brain scans of Star Lord’s mother: Meredith Quill. .

James Gunn disproves Guardians of the Galaxy theory
However, it was James Gunn himself who replied to MasterTainment’s tweet denying that this is the secret of Guardians of the Galaxy, however, he acknowledged that there was an image in the scans that he did not remember.

The mystery of the secret of Guardians of the Galaxy increases when we consider the statements of James Gunn that it had been partially discovered, however he did not detail which or what discovery made by the fans he refers to.

Thus, the secret continues to wait within the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe directed by James Gunn, in La Verdad Noticias we cross our fingers hoping that it is revealed once and for all.


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