James Gunn criticizes Martin Scorsese’s Talk About Marvel Movies


James Gunn was heavily critical of Martin Scorsese regarding the director’s frequent comments about Marvel films. In an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Gunn commented that it is exhausting to hear this type of speech from the renowned filmmaker and that he repeats his opinion in order to get a stage to promote his next features.

“I just think it seems pretty cynical that he keeps speaking out against Marvel and then takes advantage of [media prominence] to promote his films. He’s creating [new projects] through the shadow of Marvel, so he uses that to draw attention to something that wasn’t getting as much attention as he wanted,” he commented.

Despite the outburst, Gunn said he still considers Scorsese “one of the greatest filmmakers” out there and that he agrees with some points the veteran director raises. “I love his movies. I can watch this without any problem. And he said many things that I agree with, many of them are true,” he said.

“There are a lot of heartless and soulless blockbusters out there. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to film directors before they make a big movie and say, ‘Hey, we’re in this together, let’s do something different with these productions. Let’s make them something different from everything that came before them’. However, those same directors later give in to pressure from the studios [to do according to their demands] and cater to their every whim — resulting in rubbish, frankly,” he added.

Does Marvel make real cinema?

Scorsese’s controversial phrases that won the media began in 2019, when on several occasions he said he was trying to invest his time to watch the Casa das Ideias titles. However, he stated that these productions and the superhero genre should not be considered cinema, despite “they are well done and have actors who deliver the best possible under the circumstances.”

This opinion has shaken fans and responsible for comic book adaptations, and has become a subject that constantly comes back in discussions about the future of the genre in theaters. It is worth remembering that Gunn recently made his own critiques around this theme and argued that longevity depends on these films being transformed to remain relevant to the audience.


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