James Gunn Criticized a DC “Fan” For Pushing the Snyderverse to Kevin Conroy’s Tribute Post


Fans still can’t wait for the unexpected death of the legend of the animated series “Batman” Kevin Conroy. After Conroy’s death at the age of 66, tributes continue to be paid to the life of a man who, for some, is the ultimate Batman. Unfortunately, as in the case of the tribute to the actor by the co-creator of the new DC films James Gunn, a fan picked up the message about the restoration of the SnyderVerse.

After the announcement of Kevin Conroy’s death was posted on Twitter, someone appeared in the chain of responses to Gunn’s tweet who cursed him. Apparently ignoring the moment, this person included in the general message a lot of hashtags for potential SnyderVerse projects. In response, James Gunn responded with the following purposeful but polite response:

It may be hard for you to catch the lines — and if so, sorry, it can be a difficult thing in life — but my post is about a beautiful, talented soul who has passed away. So this may not be the right time and place for your answer.

James Gunn’s recent promotion to DC Films has obviously attracted the attention of fans who want to see a sequel to Zack Snyder’s potential story in Justice League. Although not everyone involved in the big reaction to this DC news has reacted so aggressively, this incident is quite possibly one of the most extreme.

While this is definitely a round of applause for a random intruder who decided to drop by with a message in support of Zack Snyder, you have to admit that this is a measured response. No one would have thought that James Gunn would post the same racy tweet as those who saw him temporarily fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy. 3. However, due to the passing of Kevin Conroy, one could not accuse him of being a little short-tempered with the answer.

The memory of Conroy’s life and work will always be celebrated, as decades of voicing Batman have made him a pop culture icon. At this moment, this loss is still fresh and the world is still in mourning. So this is probably a good time for people who have other plans to discuss to politely postpone them, giving everyone a proper grieving period.

As for business, the days of James Gunn’s new duties in D.C. are still early, so there’s little to say about what exactly to expect. With the exception, of course, of the second season of the popular DC series “Peacemaker”. In the meantime, you can revisit Gunn’s past work in the DC universe, as well as Kevin Conroy’s iconic tenure as Batman thanks to streaming capabilities. An HBO Max subscription is enough for this.


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