James Gunn Corrects False Information About Henry Cavill’s Firing, And Now We Feel Worse For the Former Superman


There’s a lot of news today about the future of DC Studios and DC Universe, as co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran announced plans for a new Superman movie, HBO Max programs dedicated to Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and Green Lantern Corp. , and lots of updates for Batman. However, reading between the lines of the main list of new projects was confirmation that actors who were part of the DCEU and were associated with projects in Zack Snyder’s interpretation of the world will no longer be featured in these DC films. Gunn and Safran have confirmed that the upcoming Flash movie will reboot the DCU as we know it, and that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are no longer needed as Superman and Batman respectively.

Now, we knew that. Henry Cavill found out that he would be cast as Superman, despite being teased in a scene after the credits from Black Adam, and was even allowed to make a video telling fans that he was back and excited to continue telling stories as a superhero. Except that it should never have happened. What an unfortunate case of misunderstanding. And the interrupted phone game continued only after news spread that Cavill had indeed been fired from the concert. However, now James Gunn has tried to fix this mistake, as he told CinemaBlend during his exclusive DC presentation:

It is also important to say that Henry Cavill was not fired. Henry just wasn’t hired to be Superman. There’s never been a deal for another movie. That’s not what it was.

You might argue that this is semantics. James Gunn wanted to clarify that he and Peter Safran did not fire Henry Cavill from the Superman concert. In their opinion, he never applied for this role, because they have another version of the character for the film, which they plan to release in July 2025, called “Superman: Legacy”. And no matter how they put it, the bottom line is that Cavill is not playing Superman in the upcoming DCU movie scene.

But by stating that they didn’t fire Cavill, Gunn and Safran also make it abundantly clear that this decision to push Cavill and make him think he really had a chance to get back into memorable tights falls at the feet of the former management. team. Maybe they were afraid to say no to Rock, since the action movie superstar was in full hype mode about Black Adam and the possibility of what was about to happen. But Black Adam is not mentioned in any of the upcoming DC movies, which really makes this scene so funny and inconsequential.

It is hoped that now that DC Studios has a new management, such mistakes will be avoided. The right hand will talk to the left so that these promises are fulfilled, so that there are no public misunderstandings, and Gunn does not need to explain the difference between “fired” and “never hired.”


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